Obviously, this is a source of enormous promise. As an immunologist, I trust the power of medicines that can protect us from deadly diseases. I also respect and support those who chose not to receive the vaccine. Yes, we have MANY TOOLS to combat this virus (and the next one). Unfortunately, people are choosing to deny their existence. If you chose to forego a vaccine, I would hope you would commit to most or all of the other tools available to us. And I use the noun US, as we are all in this together. 


Sutter Roseville Medical Center recently announced that it will suspend all elective surgeries. This is DEVASTATING news. If you don’t believe this pandemic is real, imagine your mother getting diagnosed with breast cancer right now. I did. Believe it and commit to good, faithful, conscientious actions. NOW! We need to build a buffer of hospital and ICU beds (and staff) for this COVID surge. My favorite Van Halen song is “RIGHT NOW”. And that’s what we need.

Vaccine Approval Dec 2020


Building Trust in COVID Vaccines


CDC Phase 4 Vaccine monitoring