Relationship. Accessibility. Value. Care. These are the reasons we decided to continue my son’s membership with The Allergy Station when he moved out of state for college.

Our son has built a trusting relationship with Dr. Miller over the past several years. Dr. Miller has cared for his many ongoing health issues, including food and environmental allergies, asthma, urticaria, and other conditions. Through Dr. Miller, my son has learned how to care for his conditions and be proactive in order to stay in optimal health. The relationship he has built with Dr. Miller is unparalleled. He feels comfortable sharing his concerns and he trusts Dr. Miller will advise him well. After all, because of this relationship, my son has been able to maintain his active lifestyle and pursue his dreams without being bogged down with the worry of his body’s problems.

During his senior year, we went through the college selection process. While this is an exciting and fun time, it is also a concerning time for families of children with health concerns. We knew he would be leaving home and attending a school out of the area. We also knew it was a transition time for all of us and that he would now begin to “own” his health management. We would not be with him to ensure that he took his medicine or ate within his dietary restrictions. That management was now solely on him.

While we trust our son very much, but we also knew that he was embarking on a journey where there would be a learning process. During this transition, we made sure our son had the necessary tools to survive and thrive. We discussed his medications and plans. A very important part of our plan was deciding to continue our membership with The Allergy Station. We, including our son, decided this was the best way to have ongoing access to quality care.

We knew that health problems would still arise. How comforting it was to know that our son could call or text Dr. Miller 24/7 to get the medical advice he needed. How incredible to know that the physician who knows our son’s history, knows our son’s concerns and habits, and has built a relationship of trust with him is available at any time (even from a different time zone). One text or phone call and he can get right to the solution, rather than trying to explain his problems to someone new each time.

In his first year away from home, my son has already had multiple teleconsultation appointments with Dr. Miller. His health has had bumps just as we imagined it would; however, we’re so grateful for the direct, personal care he receives. It has helped my son with this transition because he knows who to call and doesn’t hesitate to reach out for help on his own. It also helps us to know our son is getting the help he needs from a physician whom we completely trust.

Dr. Miller has been phenomenal with our son’s care. I can’t emphasize enough how important that health care relationship built between patient and physician is in managing long-term health needs. We greatly value the caring relationship that Dr. Miller builds with his patients.

So when I am asked about why we continue our son’s membership with a practice that is 1500 miles away from him, I will always answer: relationship, accessibility, value, and care. And that’s the way healthcare should be.