As we return to school this Fall 2020, many things could not be more unfamiliar, unsettled or unnerving. 

Distant/virtual learning has taken its place in our everyday lives. It’s here for now. We have to navigate our futures with this model. 

Stress levels are understandably very high. Our normal “back to school” joys (seeing new classmates, hugs and the sounds of friends re-united after summer break) just aren’t there. 

Our entrance and path into this long, digital tunnel can consume us. 

Technical issues will happen. Personnel issues will happen. There will be frustration, sadness, fear and doubt. 

We want to help bring our friends and community back to some semblance of normal. 

There is JOY to be had. There is learning to be done. We will make it through this together. 

We’ve prepared a small, token “back to school” packet to help those students and parents face the steep tasks ahead. 

A few tips for a successful, healthy start to the
school year:

  1. Breathe – focus on deep, slow, controlled meditative breathing. Teach your children. Learn to center your core and lower your overall stress.
  2. Eat well – use the kitchen as a focal point of the house. Expect teamwork, and teach your kids the skill of making good, healthy food. (Make enough for leftovers to help decrease the workload).
  3. Focus on good sleep – sleep is one of the core functions that we can’t do without. If sleep isn’t healthy, other areas will suffer. 
  4. Exercise – use good weather to “bank” cardiovascular and metabolic benefits. No amount of exercise is too little. Even 5 or 10 minutes can help. And start planning for a routine when seasons change. Look closely at cluttered areas and consider donating those things to local charities. 
  5. Meditate or pray – try and set aside 15 minutes, once or twice a day, to focus on peace and resilience. Clear your mind of distractions and the constant pounding of the news cycle. Keep a journal. Sing to yourself. 
  6. Laugh – the power of laughter has been studied by scientist. The amount of pain and stress-relieving molecules released in our bodies during laughter exceeds almost any treatment available. Do it often. And together. 

We are a culture built on faith, love, trust, teamwork, self-improvement and resolve. We certainly have flaws and major areas of improvement. We know these times are exceedingly challenging. 

We are here as your health and wellness partners – please let us know if we can help. 

Travis, and the team at TAS